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Artificial Intelligence Or Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence Or Machine Learning Artificial intelligence and machine learning have made a tremendous transition from science fiction to reality during the last 60 years.

Although these two technologies are still regarded as “green” and have the purpose of offering adequate solutions, they have already significantly altered our lives. Since the term “AI” is misused and overused, we tend to believe that it powers everything, including toothbrushes and taxi apps. In reality, the technology that supports these discoveries is currently changing the world.

He plays music, develops self-driving cars, expedites medical diagnosis, and writes for authors (this worries me). I’m not even referring to the fact that Dota 2’s use of AI extends beyond players. Why should it “break” anything here?

We read a lot about AI and see supercomputers in science fiction films that are more intelligent than anything else in the universe. Let’s give it a different meaning so we can see it in practice.

Artificial Intelligence Or Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence Or Machine Learning

The goal of artificial intelligence (AI) is to simulate human intelligence on a machine. Humans have not succeeded in achieving this goal. Consequently, it would be more suitable to discuss “Machine Learning” in this context rather than AI.

Machine learning, also known as ML, is a technology that trains machines to perform better as long as the data they are given is improved. The amazing thing about this is that ML can automate ordinary actions that people perform every day.

These two technologies should not be confused with FX robots. ML is a computer that merely absorbs additional data and learns to analyze it in accordance with your needs, whereas FX robots are programmed by people who do one action or another.

Now that you have all these concepts in order, consider what queries us traders still have. What about investing and trading in financial markets? Can ML win in this space?

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