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Artificial Intelligence 5g Will Change Our Lives


Artificial Intelligence 5g Experts anticipate that the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on our society in the future will be bigger than anything seen thus far in technical development.

This year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which concludes on Friday, has as its main topic the advancement of AI. This new industry, which will be supported by 5G, will present excellent potential for enterprises and society at large.

Additionally, it will advance the development of the internet and the way that devices communicate with one another.

Artificial Intelligence 5g Will Change Our Lives

Artificial Intelligence 5g Will Change Our Lives

While this may sound like something from a sci-fi film, technologies like autonomous automobiles, remote-controlled operations, and facial recognition software are already a part of our daily lives.

The development of AI is centered on machine learning. Computers are capable of carrying out previously conducted by people tasks more quickly and cheaply. Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft are at the vanguard of the big tech companies that have invested billions of dollars in the sector.

David Carmona, general manager of Microsoft Europe, was interviewed by CGTN Europe and stated that it was crucial for new technologies to be accessible to all.

Making AI more generalizable is the main idea of our research, he said. “AI is more accessible to people since it can work in whatever business you target, rather than beginning AI from scratch to your unique task.”

Urban air mobility, or “driverless taxis,” is an excellent example of 5G and AI working together.

According to the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, completely electric autonomous flying vehicles made by the aircraft manufacturer Airbus are anticipated to be a reality in Europe within three to five years.

The system can run remotely thanks to one of the most advanced 5G networks in the world, which is found in South Korea.

The “air taxis,” according to its curator Rachel Kim, will transform life for everyone who lives in the center of an urban jungle. SK Telecom intends to have them completely operational by 2025.

Kim remarked, “Large cities like Seoul or New York have so many transit and traffic concerns, and we waste a lot of time in traffic.” By utilizing urban air mobility, we can both increase the quality of our living environment and cut down on carbon emissions.

The ethical concerns presented by technological advancements are significant. What degree of authority does society grant computers? Inequality, openness, and privacy are further concerns.

The coming of this technology revolution and transformation are certainties

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