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How To Scan Documents On Iphone

 How To Scan Documents On Iphone iPhone users today are greatly aided in all of their needs, including scanning or scanning documents.

Now, scanning documents with iPhone can be done without additional applications.

How to Scan Documents on iPhone Without Additional Applications

  • On your iPhone, launch the default application "Note" or "Notes."

  • To make a new note, click the square and pen icon in the bottom-right corner of the app.

  • When the new notes page appears, click the camera icon just above the keyboard.

  • Then, choose "Scan Documents," and the iPhone will launch the camera.

  • The camera that appears when you select this option differs from the "Camera" application.
    When you open the camera, you will notice a yellow transparent frame.

  • The frame is where your document will be scanned. Point the camera and frame at the document to begin scanning.

  • The frame will automatically scan to adjust the document size after you point it.
  • When the adjustment process is finished, the camera will take a picture of the document without you having to press the shoot button.

 During the document scanning process, you can see a preview of the captured image before saving it. Click the box icon next to the portrait button to do so.

Following these steps, you can change the image's color by making it look like a black and white photocopy.

In preview mode, click the three-circle icon.

When you're finished editing, click "Done" and then select the "Save" option next to the shoot button.

The image will be saved in the "Notes" application in PDF format.


 The iPhone's scanning feature can be used to scan documents such as identity cards, printed photos, and so on and convert them to PDF images.

The scanning process makes use of the iPhone's camera.

As a result, the user is photographing the document with the camera. The document will then be scanned, yielding an image in PDF format.

Document scans, as is well known, are usually required to complete administrative requirements in certain formal activities, such as applying for a job.

Apple appears to understand its current users' fast-paced needs, including scanning documents.


 Hopefully it's useful How To Scan Documents On Iphone

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