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How To Record Voice Message On Iphone 2023

 How To Record Voice Message On Iphoneis one of the iPhone features that allows users to record sound. While there are numerous third-party apps available, the Voice Memos app on the App Store is simple to use and free.

iPhone users can use Voice Memos to record, share, and edit voice notes.


How To Record Voice Message On Iphone


How To Record Voice Message On Iphone 2023

 1. How to Record Audio on an iPhone

First, launch the Voice Memos app on the user's iPhone by tapping the audio graphic icon.
Click the big red button at the bottom if the user is ready to begin recording. The built-in microphone on the device will begin recording sound.
When you're finished recording, tap the red button again to stop it. The button will change to a square, and the recording will be saved automatically by the app.
To listen to a recording, click the white triangle play icon.

The Voice Memos app also includes a few extra features, such as the ability to rename, add, and share recordings.


2. Renaming the recording file

Click the name of the currently playing recording to rename it. This will make it editable, allowing the user to enter a new file name.
After you've entered the new file name, press Return or Enter on your keyboard to save it.

3. Editing the recording file

Tap the three blue dots to the right of the recording name to edit the recording you're listening to.
Choose Edit Recording from the menu.
Scroll to the end of the recording and select Resume. If the user does not want to add something at the end of the recording, he or she can scroll to the beginning or middle of the sound.

4. How to Distribute Recording Files

To share the recording, click the three blue dots on the right and select Share.
The user will be presented with several options. Click the Gmail icon and enter the recipient's email address if the user wants to send the recording via email.

Users can now easily record, edit, and share voice recordings on their iPhone by using the methods described above.How To Record Voice Message On Iphone

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