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How To Block A Number On Iphone

 How to block a number on iphone Every smartphone nowadays has the ability to block phone numbers, and the iPhone is no exception. This feature is very useful for maintaining privacy and avoiding being bothered by foreign or unknown phone numbers.

Some of you may have also discovered that your iPhone was being contacted by an unknown phone number. Callers with unknown numbers are usually from businesses that sell a product.

How to Block Phone Numbers on iPhone Without Using Third-Party Apps

Callers can call repeatedly and can be quite irritating. You can block calls from unknown numbers on your iPhone if you find them particularly bothersome. You don't need to use an additional app to block a phone number on your iPhone.

You can use the default application's "Call" feature, which is typically used to make phone calls. Callers will no longer be able to contact your iPhone via phone calls or SMS messages once the number has been blocked. Already interested in learning how to block unknown numbers on iPhone? See the explanation below.

How to block a phone number on iPhone

  •  Open your iPhone's default "Call" or "Telephone" application.

    At the bottom of the application screen, select the "Recent" call menu.

    Locate the unknown number you wish to block.

    If you've discovered it, click the round icon with the letter I in the middle that appears next to the unknown number.

    Finally, select the "Block this caller" option to prevent the unknown number from contacting you.


    How To Block A Number On Iphone

     This feature can be used to not only block unknown phone numbers, but also to block someone's phone number that is already in the contact list.

    The method for blocking contacts on iPhone is nearly identical to that described above. Access the "Call" application, then choose the "Contact" menu listed below the application screen.

    Next, select the contact to be blocked and click the "Block this Caller" button. Contacts are not permanently blocked on this iPhone, so you can access them whenever you want.


     Unblocking a phone number on an iPhone is as simple as tapping the "Unblock this Caller" option. By tapping on the option, the contact will be able to call your iPhone again.

    Please keep in mind that this blocking only prevents the contact from contacting you. Meanwhile, despite the fact that his phone number has been blocked, you can still contact him.

     As an additional note, the method described above was tested on an iPhone running iOS 15.4.1. The location of the options and their stages may differ between operating system versions.

    That's how to easily block phone numbers on iPhone without using any additional apps; I hope this was helpful How To Block A Number On Iphone


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