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Strong Artificial Intelligence Is


Strong Artificial Intelligence Is Theoretical human-level machine intelligence. Reasoning, puzzle-solving, judging, planning, learning, and communicating are key to Strong AI. He needs awareness, objectivity, self-awareness, feelings, and honesty.

Strong Artificial Intelligence Is

Strong Artificial Intelligence Is

True intelligence is another name for strong AI (AGI).


Theoretical AI will be powerful.

It goes beyond Weak AI to encompass problem solving, learning, and development.

AI makes individuals fear for their employment.

AI Knowledge

AI isn’t powerful. Some forecast 2030 or 2045. Others are more conservative and say it won’t be possible until the following century.

Some thinkers argue that machines with Strong AI should have juvenile brains and develop adult minds through learning. He must learn from the world, have common sense, and speak his own language. There’s no consensus on what intelligence is, therefore we won’t know when we’ve produced a strong AI.

Strong AI genuinely has human cognition, unlike Weak AI. Powerful AI might solve all of a human’s problems in one system. Weak AI can replace many low- and mid-skilled workers, but Strong AI may replace some high-skilled workers.

AI rewards and risks

AI’s benefits and concerns are immense. Some fear Strong AI could grow smarter than humans, a scenario called singularity. Strong AI will be so intelligent it can modify itself and pursue its own goals without human involvement, maybe in dangerous ways (think killer robots like in the film I, Robot). Can Strong AI be limited to avoid this? Can Strong AI be designed with moral principles, and can humanity agree? Research could prevent robots from turning against humans or identify if they ever existed.

AI will take jobs away from people, resulting in massive unemployment — even for knowledge-intensive white-collar jobs, if Powerful AI becomes a reality. Like the Industrial Revolution, the AI Revolution could result in significant job transformations, not massive unemployment. AI can boost society’s productivity and prosperity. We won’t need humans until we realize what AI can achieve for us. The government could also step in to help AI-displaced workers.

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