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Ieee Transactions On Artificial Intelligence


Ieee Transactions On Artificial Intelligence COULD ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE REPLACE HUMANS?

A car stopped five minutes ago with its flashing hazards on. The motorist had a piece of paper depicting a straight road with two crossroads and many squares on the side of the road. Then, a red arrow and the words "The home is here" are written at the end of the dead end.

The piece of paper is a simplified map that will hopefully get the motorist where he needs to go. However, ever since that incident, the driver has been seen scowling at the newspaper and shaking his head. He's completely disoriented. The aforementioned mishap may have been avoided if the motorist had used a navigation app. Most modern electronic gadgets already include it. If you input an address, the route that will get you there fastest will show immediately. Time is not lost traveling, and efficiency is increased.

If you have the app on your smartphone, you have experienced the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The same may be said about modern timepieces that measure heart rate. Or it may be as easy as using the song suggestions provided by online music streaming providers. Everyone likes the song, even if they've never heard it before.

Ieee Transactions On Artificial Intelligence

So, AI is not some far-fetched science fiction concept, as is depicted in many popular media outlets. For instance, Jarvis plays Tony Stark's digital assistant in the Iron Man movies. Actually, similar software already exists, but not at the same level of sophistication as Jarvis. Siri and Google Now on iOS and Android smartphones have taught us that.

He defined AI as "a strategy or approach chosen by humans to apply the human style of thinking to robots" in an interview published on Wednesday (09/09/2020).

Generative Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Ford also discussed the evolution of AI, now in its fourth generation. In other words, this indicates that AI use is already commonplace. Decisions may be made based on the facts alone.

Prior to this, he had said that AI technology was not widely used throughout the first generation. The government should conduct radiation checks. You can't pull others down with them. He then gave an example in which the usage of a machine was optional.

AI has being used in business more and more in the second generation than in the first. Information was kept digitally at the time. The information is not utilized again until the third generation.

Then, a further inquiry was made. If that's the case, in which generation would Indonesia be found right now? Dr. Ford, who also serves as Chair of the IEEE Computer Society Indonesia Chapter, confidently retorted that the country is now in its fourth generation, although unevenly.

Human Resources, Artificial Intelligence, and Business

Dr. Ford is also interested in the current shift toward AI technology in business. He provided a real-world application of cloud computing, or cloud technology, which is becoming popular among the general population. Dr. Ford, who often stresses the need of doing a Doctoral Program in Computer Science, has observed, "Industry has an inevitable need (for AI), for efficiency, transaction processing, and so on."

People's fears about this new technology are understandable, however. The reason for this is that the introduction of AI has the potential to relegate humans to a secondary role in some industries. The most glaring instance of this is how the widespread use of e-toll payments has rendered certain human toll booth services obsolete.

That is a fact, as Dr. Ford acknowledges. Certain employment opportunities began to vanish at a certain point. It's true that many people have lost their jobs, but a lot of new ones have been created," he said. Dr. Ford predicts that in the near future, the focus will be on original, human-created material. No longer is this something that the system can perform easily.

And the present Covid-19 pandemic case is still rising in multiple locations. Individuals are restricted in their ability to leave the house. Dr. Ford says we need to look at this problem from both ends. "To begin, this is an emergency situation. In contrast, technological progress is gaining steam thanks to Covid-19. In cases when we may make use of digital and artificial intelligence-based tools, "…he made the following remark.

As a result, Indonesia started making strides in the area of human resource preparation related to artificial intelligence. If the National Strategy for AI 2020-2045 includes a focus on human resources, it would not be out of place. As mentioned on page 50, Indonesia is struggling to meet the growing demand for AI specialists in the country. An initiative to connect industry demands with available talent is required to close this gap.

In response, DCS Binus University's Deputy Head stressed the significance of developing human resources with the ability to solve problems via research. Many issues in industry, he claims, defy traditional approaches to problem solving. For previous problem-solving endeavors, precedent norms, standards, and frameworks had previously been established. Since then, I have been unable. Research is required whether or not you like it. Dr. Ford continued, "Now, the scope of our study is in S3.

Unfortunately, many of the available Doctor of Computer Science (D.C.S.) programs give off an air of academic elitism. There is no sharing of the advantages among the populace. Dr. Ford went on to say that CS Ph.D. candidates tend to see problems only via a technical lens. He was either blind to alternative scientific possibilities or had severe allergies. Dr. Ford, expressing the academic ethos of BINUS University's DCS Program, put it thus way: "If we flip it upside down, we view it as an enriching aspect, developing together, symbiotically, and even building the environment."

Here there is a market, but on the other hand Indonesia also has strong human resources," he said, contrasting Indonesia with India and China in terms of its abundant human capital. However, we continue to lag behind China and India in terms of reputation. However, Dr. Ford said, a need for human resources was emerging from multinational technology-based enterprises. They relocated their company here and started hiring computer science PhDs.

Those are S3 workers Google and Microsoft are pursuing for their international offices. He elaborated, saying, "Because they have to undertake problem solving based on study." Since 2014, students at BINUS University have been able to enroll in the Doctor of Computer Science (DCS) Program in preparation for a predicted increase in the need for qualified personnel in this field. The program has led to several research, development, and community service projects that all have a common goal of Fostering & Empowering, in line with BINUS University's vision and purpose.

In addition, this program often participates in International Conferences in the area of Computer Science, as well as events involv

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