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The 6 golden rules of good merchandising

The 6 golden rules of good merchandising

To set up a point of sale in a supermarket, merchandising techniques are essential. In this article, we discuss six golden rules to know for the success of your merchandising.

The keys to good merchandising

Merchandising is a method of selling a product based on presentation. This business strategy aims to increase the sale of the product or brand or to increase the popularity of points of sale. Nowadays, the essential basics of merchandising are applied by almost all entrepreneurs.

Successful merchandising is generally based on five fundamental rules: a good product, a strategic location, guaranteed quality, precise information and the right moment.

Merchandising comes from the word “merchandise”. It is in fact the art of increasing the sales of a product by betting on its presentation. It is all the techniques, tactics and strategies resulting in the sale of large quantities of items for an optimal total profit margin.

Merchandising can also be understood as all the techniques and studies implemented for better implementation and presentation of products with the aim of increasing not only sales but also profitability.


The trader must provide a fairly diverse range. Indeed, the customer often prefers to have the choice between different quality products, prices and various appearances. Thus, a selling product is also a well-presented product. 

The concept of packaging is very important in the field of marketing. It is a question of well developing your product from the point of view of form, color, packaging, texture. A constantly updated presentation helps to attract customers and generate sales.  


Even inside the shelves of supermarkets, the layout of products and their locations are established in such a way as to encourage the consumer to buy.

Thus, the products of little necessity (chewing-gums-candy, etc.) which are called “impulse purchases” are often placed next to the checkouts.


It is important that a product is constantly available. A flaw in the stock has a very negative influence on the psychology of the buyer. This risks moving towards a competitor whose products are available. 

Furthermore, the quality of a product is also defined by the diversification of purchasing formats. A good product must indeed be available in small and large quantities in order to meet the needs of all consumers. Too much volume can also inhibit a potential buyer.


It's about treating the product according to current events. The special arrangements of the departments during the holiday periods, according to different themes for each event, help to stimulate consumer desires among the prospect.


The more information the consumer has about his purchase, the more he will be convinced of its merits. Whether it is the characteristics of an electronic device or the energy value of a food product, all information is good to communicate.

There are generally three types of merchandising: organizational merchandising, management merchandising and seduction merchandising.

The types of merchandise

Organizational merchandising

This is to ensure the structuring and storage of products to allow customers to easily find each other.

Management merchandising

This type of merchandising allows better management of the space allocated to offers. This involves optimizing the visibility of the products by adjusting, for example, the facing, the size of the shelves, the proximity of the products or families, the level of each product on the shelf, the number of units needed and the number of references corresponding to each unit of needs.

Seduction merchandising

The aim here is to create an attractive, clear, appealing and selling department. This type of merchandising has been widely used in recent years. The techniques used may include markup and point-of-sale advertising (POS).

What is the point of merchandising?

The main objective of merchandising is to contribute to a better structuring of the offers on a point of sale, whether it is a store, a family of articles or a department. It makes it possible to set up an attractive universe with the aim of building customer loyalty.

The role of merchandising can be from several angles. It allows a rapid flow of goods by optimizing their presentation on the shelves. Merchandising is also useful for perfecting the label of a product, adjusting its assortment according to consumer demand, rethinking its management.

On other levels, merchandising also contributes to increasing the turnover and profitability of the structure. It helps to follow market trends. Finally, merchandising is an effective tool to facilitate the search for products by the consumer.

Metal shelving

A metal shelving is a metal shelf allowing the storage and arrangement of articles, raw materials, documents or various objects. It promotes space management by allowing storage at height for more practical handling.

There are several types of metal shelving that can be used in all sectors of activity: archive shelving, multi-purpose and workshop metal shelving, medium-heavy shelving, etc.

The archive shelving allows you, for example, to mainly store your archives and other office accessories. You have 6 levels on average for loads of up to 150 kg per level.

Versatile metal shelving is suitable in the case of a lack or insufficiency of storage space or for the storage of products of different types.

6 golden rules for merchandising success

  • Find the balance between the benefits of the sign and the gains of your company, at the risk of losing credibility and therefore in power of influence.
  • Seek the help of an expert to initiate the process.
  • Involve the Sales Department in the project. The Merchandising Manager will not succeed alone.
  • Stay patient: Nothing is often visible before the end of a year.
  • Think about measurement indicators from the start of the project
  • Prioritize both external and internal communication.

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