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Office Party: 10 stupid things you should no to do

Office Party: 10 stupid things you should no to do

Ah! The famous office parties! It can happen so much during this... short moment too festive! Some guys love it, while others prefer to avoid it at all costs. Regardless of the circumstances, there are still certain rules to respect to avoid turning an office party into hell. We propose you a list of 10 things not to do.

1- Arrive accompanied (while it was not in the instructions)
If the spouses are excluded, do not bring your sweetheart! First of all, everyone will notice (especially those who are frustrated at not being able to come along) and secondly, she will not really feel out of place if everyone stares at her. Respect the instructions. 

2- Leave after 5 minutes 
Do you think that making an act of presence is enough? As long as that is better to invent a phony excuse not to go! Your colleagues may take it badly. They can interpret that as if you have something better to do. That may be true, but they do not need to know it. 

3- Stay stuck on your smartphone
Your boss is trying to talk to you, but you have trouble answering him, because you're updating your status on Facebook saying you're bored with something rare? Your behavior may insult him, especially if you have not left your device for the evening (and you have it in your Facebook friends). Leave your phone in your pockets and socialize a little. You will see! It will not hurt you. 

4- Openly complaining about the party
The party is bad. You know it. Everyone knows it. Perhaps, however, your boss or the people in charge have put a lot of effort into organizing it. Keep yourself a little discomfort.

5- Get drunk to vomit
There is often a lot of alcohol in an office party. It can be tempting to get drunk especially if it's boring or a lot of fun. But remember, your boss may be around. Vomit right in front of his boss, it's pretty ordinary. Do not forget that on Monday morning you will have to work with him, as well as with all the other people who have seen you graciously vomit. 

6- Have fun in the bathroom with a colleague
If you are a couple, office parties can be dangerous, especially if spouses are not invited and you find one of your attractive colleges. It must be said that alcohol and the often sexy outfits of women can make some people forget that they have obligations... And if you "go" to the bathroom with a colleague, it is certain that there are people who will have seen you. Hello rumors!

7- Eat all the buffet
It can happen that an office party takes place in a reception room with a buffet. Do not go for the service guzzler. Leave a little for others... 

8- Getting already drunk 
It starts well the evening when you shake hands with your boss while you stink the bottom of ton...

9- Give a show
You want to show that you're having fun, but, on the other side, you do not want to be the topic of conversation around the coffee maker the next morning. Abstain therefore to give you in spectacle...

10- Call sick the next day
You are not the only one who has a hangover. Take courage with both hands and go to work. Be supportive! 

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