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9 things you should not do when pregnant

9 things you should not do when pregnant

Ok, during pregnancy, you will not stop living but for 9 months, you will have to skip some of the little habits that were part of your daily life. Focus on 11 things not to be pregnant or vigilantly, depending on the case.

1. Self-medication
Some drugs are prohibited during pregnancy. Aspirin, in particular, can cause bleeding in early pregnancy. Same for vaccines that can be very dangerous for you (such as the yellow fever vaccine). So if you have to go abroad during your pregnancy, it is imperative to always seek the advice of your doctor.

2. Radios
Radiographs are cons-indicated for pregnant women because it can cause birth defects. You must always tell the doctor that you are pregnant. Radios should only be performed when absolutely necessary. in this case, drastic precautions will be taken for the protection of your chest and belly.

3. Travel during the last month of pregnancy
It is recommended not to make long trips by car that can trigger contractions. Privilege rather the train. As for the plane, many airlines will not accept you on board the last weeks of your pregnancy.

4. Certain beauty gestures
Some essential oils are prohibited during pregnancy, the waxing too hot... You will have to spend 9 months of all these little beauty rituals that made you so happy. To learn more for all the beauty gestures to avoid pregnant. Some sports Skiing, horse riding, combat sports... in short all sports that can cause a blow or a fall are to be banned. Otherwise you risk putting your baby's life at risk. We advise you swimming, the ideal sport for the pregnant woman.

5. Drinking alcohol and smoking
It will never be repeated, drinking alcohol and smoking can affect your baby's development. Some will have to put the hang for a few weeks on cuddles. Because sex can lead to serious complications during pregnancy. Again, it does not concern all pregnant women but those who experience a pregnancy called "difficult" (low-inserted placenta and praevia, threat of premature delivery)

6. Use certain household products
During pregnancy, you are not advised to use household chemicals because of the volatile compounds they release. Opt instead for white vinegar and black soap, non-toxic!

7. Eat certain foods
Are you a fan of sushi? most gynecologists agree that they are not recommended during pregnancy. Other foods are to be avoided, such as raw oysters and shellfish, fresh foie gras, which are prone to pests and bacteria. For some (not immune to toxoplamosis), the list can sometimes be very long! More details about forbidden foods during pregnancy over here.

8. Exposing yourself to the sun
Already, in normal times, making the pancake in the sun is not very good for your skin but during pregnancy, you have to be particularly careful. If you are exposed to the sun, it is essential to protect your skin with sun protection index 50 to apply every two hours, otherwise wear the pregnancy mask. And then always think of wearing a hat and drinking to avoid sunstroke!

9. Overexertion
Normally, you work at 100 per hour and well, during your pregnancy, you will have to avoid running everywhere, and to stress yourself. It is important that during this time, you are as calm as possible.

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