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15 things you can not do during a job interview

15 things you can not do during a job interview

If your resume and cover letter were impressive enough to get a job interview, the job might be within your reach, as long as you perform well at the interview. Even the most seasoned professional can get excited and spoil the chances. A little preparation can therefore avoid common interview errors:

1. Do not do your research
You might have the skills to do the job, but do you know how the company works? Read the "About Us" page on the company's website and their mission statement. Become aware of their competition and the main players in the market.

2. Arrive late
Unless you have a very good excuse and have called ahead to reorganize the interview, no employer will consider you if you arrive late.

3. Dress inappropriately
While casual dressing may be the current trend, professional attire is still part of professional etiquette. First impressions are very important.

4. Play with useless accessories
This can include cell phones, nail files and chewing gum. They all have one thing in common - they have no place in the interview.

5. Bad body language
Eye contact, good posture, a friendly attitude and a firm handshake will take you away in a job interview.

6. Unclear and disjointed answers
Take the time to think before answering questions and avoid taking an uncomfortable break; it does not inspire confidence. Do not mumble, the caller does not want to ask you to repeat an answer or spend hours trying to hear every word.

7. Talk negatively about your current employer
Never complain about your current employer, even if he is despotic and insane. The gossip may harm you. 

8. Do not ask questions
Employers want to see you want to learn more about the job or business and will appreciate well-placed questions.

9. Lie on your resume
Anything written on your resume could be discussed during an interview and a lie about your work or education could hurt your reputation in the long run.

10. Become too intimate
Avoid telling sad stories about your need for a job because of the mountain of debt that you have amassed. Also, do not behave pretentiously or too familiar and affectionate; it never made a good impression.

11. Do not bring additional CVs
If you're not sure how many people are going to meet you, bring extra copies of your resume to distribute. This will show that you are well prepared.

12. Sit down before being invited
It's a courtesy to wait to be invited to sit down to do it. Also avoid bending or putting your feet off the floor.

13. Discuss money or holidays
Unless an offer is on the table, it is not recommended that you discuss money or future vacations.

14. Swear 
Using foul and inappropriate language is generally unacceptable at any time in the workplace, so it is inappropriate to use it in a job interview.

15. Do not follow up
You might think that you did well during your interview, but a simple email reminding you of your interest is a courtesy that could pay off in the long run.

Want to know what you need to do to make an interview memorable? These tips for making a lasting impression will help ensure your interview goes smoothly. Enjoy your interview.

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