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10 things you should not to do in Japan

10 things you should not to do in Japan

There are things you can not do on Japanese land. To avoid oddities during your trip to Japan, here are the top 10 things you should not do there.

When traveling to any country, it is interesting to immerse yourself in the local culture by borrowing the best possible ways and customs. I propose a list of things not to do during your journey on the Japanese land.

1. Do not do anything with your chopsticks
If there is one thing you can not do at the table, it's good to plant your baguettes in your dish. Why is that? Because at funerals, we place a bowl of rice with two sticks planted in the center. Do not cross your chopsticks while you're there, it's not ok either.

Finally, do not pass your food baguette stick: for information, the majority of Japanese resort to cremation. Members of the deceased's family use chopsticks to remove the bones from the ashes and place them in an urn. It happens that a few times, we go through a baguette stick. You will easily understand why we do not trade food between two people using chopsticks. It is very inappropriate.

There is still a long list as the arm of things more or less bad taste on the use of chopsticks but there is not the subject.

2. Do not eat, do not drink, do not smoke everywhere
I already did it without knowing it, who never did it? If you take a can from the vending machine, drink it on the spot or keep it in your bag for later. If you buy an ice cream, a melon pan or whatever, eat right next to the stall where you bought your food.

Above all, do not sip your drink or snack on public transport. It's not polite and you could leave a lot of crumbs behind you.

With regard to smoking, there are places provided for this purpose, it is absolutely forbidden to smoke in the street. You will not be able to miss them, smokers find themselves there. It may be a small room in the street, corners provided with ashtrays, rooms reserved in shopping centers.

3. Do not try to sneak around to avoid queuing
Tail in front of a train in TokyoNothing more annoying to see tourists trying to pass in force, to sneak through the tails that form including to take a train or a bus. In Japan, the huge advantage is that people are civilized and respectful. Besides, it's always weird when we see this for the first time.

Do not go like an idiot and queue up like everyone else.

4. Do not take pictures when it's forbidden
You are in a museum or in a temple? You are admiring something fabulous and you want to immortalize the moment? You see a prohibition sign to take a picture posted in front of you or an employee telling you that it is forbidden to take a picture while he sees you grab your camera? If you see that the person makes you a sign of the cross with his fingers, it means that the photos are prohibited. Keep the image you have of the place in mind and refrain from taking your shot . Thank you in advance.

5. Do not keep your shoes in all places
Remove his shoes from the templesIf it is possible to keep your shoes in some temples outside or in most restaurants, there are times when you will have to take off your shoes. It's like this: you imagine for a moment walking with your shoes on wooden slats that are several hundred years old? So we take off her beautiful shoes, show her beautiful socks and enjoy the moment.

It's the same principle in traditional Japanese houses or inns, you take off your shoes.

6. Do not be agitated on public transport
Nothing more annoying than seeing tourists screaming and laughing loudly while the trainset is silent. At certain times of the day, people will be a little noisier, especially in the evening. You will then be able to let yourself sneer and increase the volume within reasonable limits. Apart from that, respect is needed .

7. Do not use the word "Jap"
There are words that are understandable in all languages. The abbreviation of the word "Japanese" is surely not "jap". All of the Japanese understand and consider this term offensive, so watch your language well in all circumstances.

8. Do not press hard for information
The Japanese will always be happy to help you. However, if you see that your contact is having trouble communicating, finding the information you need by asking a little time after a few minutes, thank the politely. Generally, this means that he will not get the requested information and rather than tell you he does not know, he will use a backdoor way to make you understand it.

9. Keep your garbage and find a garbage can
Japan is clean, people are civilized and do not throw their chewing gum, their paper everywhere. Know it, it is often difficult to find a trash in the streets. Put your trash in your bag, find a small convenience store or enter a station and dispose of your waste in the container adapted. Nature will thank you.

Ditto if you are a smoker, there are places provided for this purpose that's why the streets are very clean, there is no butt and it's a good crazy.

10. Do not leave a tip
No need to tip in restaurants. It is absolutely not in the Japanese culture to express your gratitude to the waiters or cooks by leaving more money than indicated on the bill. On the other hand, do not hesitate to thank the staff of a simple "arigatou gozaimasu". To know a little more about the basic words to know, read the expressions to use in Japan.

Do's and Don'ts
If you are not sure about yourself, what you can or can not do, do not hesitate to look around or ask for help. This will never be frowned upon, quite the contrary.

That's it, you know a little more about the behavior to adopt during your stay. There are many other things you can not do, of course, but you already know the main ones. It's your turn!

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